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Humble readers and followers:

One of the great joys of clearing  space in my work world to begin researching and – if all the universe lines up – writing a book is the self-permission to read new and -mostly – very cool stuff.

Coming from the world of ‘instant gratification’ reading,  to have the space to absorb reflect, understand and internalize has been pure pleasure.  You know what?  There is some very smart stuff out there.

Humbling mostly.  But it has been very valuable.

So, I thought I would share.  Presenting the first annual JAGYYC:  Shit you need to read over Christmas because you have time – List

  1. Wait but Why   –  The best blog for nerds and thoughtful folks everywhere.  Tim Urban’s massively popular blog is some of the finest writing I have read in non-fiction for a long, long time.  His four-part series on Elon Musk is the best 2 hours you will spend.  Read it.  Completely and in one shot.  If it doesn’t change your view of the world of innovation, nothing will.  Find it here.
  2. After you have blown your mind reading WBW, watch this (because your reading brain will need a rest).  Tim’s take on why Artificial Intelligence is the single scariest thing ever and is worth the hour.  Don’t skip ahead etc.  Watch it.  Bring scotch.
  3.  Staying in non-fiction, I just finished an extraordinary book called, The Rainforest:  The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley by Victor Hwang and Greg Horowitt.  Basic thesis:  There is a reason the Valley is successful. Good news? It is repeatable.  I am a big fan of not sending people, capital and other good shit south.  This tells us how.  Heavy, not for the light casual read, but super solid and really well written.  All you big thinkers and ecosystem fans, read it!
  4. My fiction read is a blog and a book.  My very dear friend and a writer since grade 4 (and that’s a long, long time ago) is Edmontonian / Montrealer Geoff Moore.  His blog (here) is fine, fine writing.  Funny and insightful as hell and easily consumed.  His newest book, Duke Street Kings, is getting great reviews and is #2 on the current best sellers list here in Alberta.  It’s a big one (~500 pages) and I am about 1/3 of the way through but I can tell you it is a perfect holiday read. Acerbic, funny with great, great characters (some I recognize to be sure).  Get it at Bookstores or Falcon Press here.

That’s it.  Now spend some quality time in your head this Christmas. Put down social media and schedule a couple of hours with your beverage of choice and get back to the joy of great reading. You won’t regret it.

Merry Christmas all.




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