There are three things I know to be true:

1. The slope of the disruption curve is dramatically increasing.
2. The technology ‘genie’ never goes back in the bottle.
3. Our linear systems of human organization are unprepared.

The Tip of the Spear Framework can help you understand and embrace these truths.

Tip Of The Spear Softcover Book Mockup Disruption Technology

From the forthcoming book by Jim Gibson
(pre-order information coming soon!)

“Tip Of The Spear”

“… Our use of the technologies we have invented are now poised on a blade’s edge.  Either the Tip of the Spear levels the playing field in the areas of Governance, Finance, and Education, or we use these extraordinary technologies to create further concentrations of wealth and increased inequality.   Either we use our newly connected planet to have real conversations or we let it devolve into a rabble at the gate. .”

words written this week. Goodbye writer’s block.

Some of our recent Clients

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Kind words from our clients

  • Through our work on helping organisations achieve a better purpose, we combine the best of what makes us human with the power, reach and speed of new digital technologies. Jim has helped bring this vision to reality in an honest and refreshing way.

    Nicolas Mamier, Managing Director, Appetite – London, UK

  • Jim brought a lens of deep thinking and practical research and offered a model/framework to inform  industry professionals on how to engage their organization in this tip of the spear conversation.

    Ken MacLean, President Serious Labs

  • Working with Jim and team changed our view on how new technologies were impacting our world!

    Theron Taggart, Executive Director, KPMG Global Innovation